Camping Mini Portable Air Cooler

With summer comes outdoor festivals, fun activities, trips, camping, airy dresses, picnics in the park, barbeque and a lot more but no one wants to deal with the sweltering heat and exhaustion that comes with it!

If you also cancel all the plans during long summer days or want an affordable and effective way to beat the heat,  then it is time to welcome Arctic Air™ in your life, that can effortlessly cool, humidify and purify the air around you. 

Unlike fans that just move warm air around your room, or air conditioning units that cost a fortune, This mini USB air cooler is a complete solution that provides Cooling, Comfort, Control, and Convenience, no matter where you are!

mini cooler Portable For Camping & Home

Designed to be compact. portable and powerful, Arctic Air™ features an Advanced Cooling Technology that turns water, via an evaporative filter, into cool, clean air, making your space cool and pleasant in no time. 

This mini air cooler can be powered by any USB device and is specially designed for your convenience both indoor and outdoor. Simply fill in the tank and connect it to a USB port or power bank and enjoy fresh, clean and pure air for hours. Arctic Air™ is perfect for offices, bedrooms, dorms, camps, cars, workspaces, basements, garages and more.


☑️ Evaporative Technology with 3-in-1 Cooling:

It COOLS, HUMIDIFIES and PURIFIES your personal breathing space while eliminating the bacteria so that you can stay cool and enjoy clean, refreshing air. Using Natural Evaporative Technology, Arctic Air's multilayer -filter filters the hot, dry air and turns it into a cool and soothing breeze,  keeping you refreshed even in the midst of a heatwave.

☑️ Your Personal Air Cooler:

Now beat the heat like never before! Whether you are home or sitting in a stuffy office, It provides you the best features of both fan and air conditioning in one compact design. It's lightweight so you can carry it for cool and moist air anytime anywhere. A must-have for both indoor and outdoor activities, this space-saving air cooler gives you optimum moisture level, temperature, and even airflow distribution which makes it perfect for dorms, offices, camping, traveling and more.

mini cooler Portable For Camping & Home

Energy Efficient & Eco-friendly:

Using Air conditioners not only add onto your utility bills but also affects the environment. With this you can have fresh & filtered clean air without worrying about huge bills. This mini air-cooler consumes less than 10W of electricity, doesn't use any chemicals or toxic coolants and automatically shut down when it runs out of the water which makes it a perfect and safe choice for summer.

Ultra-Quiet Operation With Built-In 7 LED Lights: 

This portable air cooler features a powerful yet ultra-quiet motor, making it ideal to use throughout the night for a sound sleep or working for hours without any disturbance. With 3 adjustable speed, you can set it as per your convenience and comfort. It fits nicely on your desk, nightstand or coffee table – wherever you need it! Also, it comes equipped with 7 soothing LED lights that can be adjusted to any of its 7 color options, or set to the color-cycle mode or turned off with the touch of a button.

mini cooler Portable For Camping & Home

USB Powered To Turn On Anywhere:

No more worrying about electricity cuts or expensive bills as Arctic Air™ can be powered via any USB port including your charger, laptop, power bank and more.

Super Easy Setup:

You no longer need to deal with bulky coolers and complicated setups! Simply fill with water, plug Arctic Air™ into any standard wall outlet or USB port and done! As simple as that! With a large water tank, it runs for up to 8 hours in a single fill, making sure you enjoy your leisure, sleeping or work time without worrying about the scorching heat.